With a title like that how can you go wrong? H of the Z was made for the lovers of cheezy horrorsci fi. I'm sure a lot was lost in the dubbing by trying to hard to made it appear that the Spanish cast was actually speaking English, yet the plot remains the same. Barbara Rey, Blanca Estrada and Margarita Merino, along with other women in bit parts offer more than this movies share of eye candy (except for some veiwers)perhaps. The older yet still regal Maria Perschy adds to film. Yet with all this octane the ridiculousness of the situation can make it a struggle to pay attention. Everything on the haunted galleon creaked horribly which added to the films annoying qualities. I give this one 3 stars because I have sat to watch so many films that I just had to give up on. This one however I had to see the end. Give this one a try. You can always turn it off. Pregleda 29
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